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Twilight Tango (colour fest)

Twilight Tango (colour fest)
7th October, 2023
Golden valley lounge 12 ishelu street off nza str opp bush bar independence layout Enugu. - Enugu, Nigeria
Twilight Tango is bringing you the first ever colour fest in Enugu State. We aim to explore, develop, and foster unity using the art industry in Nigeria. This event would captivate your imagination, giving you a unique platform to appreciate established artworks by locals, whilst also affording you the opportunity to unleash your creativity through sip and paint sessions, live artistic performance, battle of colours, etc. There will be loads of fun games and prizes to be won while you connect with peers in a lively party atmosphere If you’re a lover of art, creator of art, partygoer, or youth in Enugu state, get yourself a ticket here.
CE Hosted by
Chinweze Emmanuel

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