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Our Story

Chronicles of Kudibar

In 2019, Kudibar was born to be a one-stop-shop for anything event ticketing and Lifestyle all over Africa. 2020 changed everything. We decided to build a platform that allows people to not only find events, but host their own. We were going beyond traditional ticket sales.

The big idea was simple. What if we built a social network for people to find all the best, most talked-about events, and at the same time, host theirs? (House parties, Album-listening parties, concerts, conferences, seminars, online masterclasses, and all kinds of shows). And then we built the new Kudibar - An event-on-demand platform. Now, where’s the next event?
You’re welcome to explore Kudibar.
If it's a hit, we are involved.

Find the events you love

Kudibar changes everything. Explore the incredible list of events, exhibitions, music festivals & all-time best shows. Cut the lines, jump the queue, buy tickets, and enjoy events you love.

Create the event of dreams

The Buildings may be closed but our Venues are wide open. You can create on KUDIBAR, host premium events without the troubles of finding a venue, with a front-row seat for all your audience.

Sell tickets

The BARS are still yours. You set the rules, we obey them. Either your event is a destination or virtual, you can monitor ticket-sales effortlessly, seamlessly and in real-time.

Our Culture

Kudibar helps event organizers to manage, execute, and grow their events. At the top of our priority is making events more successful by harmonizing the connection between event organizers and attendees.

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Kudibar is your one stop shop for event
organizing and hosting

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