Why should I use Kudibar for my events?

Our platform is ever open 24/7. This means that you can purchase discounted tickets from us anywhere and anytime you want. Thus, you can purchase event tickets at the time that is convenient for you. We verify every event on our platform to reduce the risk of you loosing your money. We only associate our brand with events that create joy.

How do I get started?

Log to www.kudibar.com move and click the get started button. Sign up using social media or email.

How can I buy tickets?

Find you an event you are interested in > confirm the vendor and location > select number tickets in each category > Hit proceed > login or signup > buy tickets > Congratulations

How many tickets can I buy using kudibar?

It depends on the role the vendor set for that particular event but by default an invidual can 15 tickets max for an event.


What payment currencies do you accept?

We currently accept the USD and NGN only

How can I confirm my purchase after payment?

You will get both email notification and in-app notification once any transaction is completed.


Can I cancel my event?

Yes if the event have no sales but the moment you sell any ticket, you CAN'T cancel

Can I postpone or rescheduled my event date?

Yes but you can only do if for 3 times.

How do I verify ticket sales?

You can verify an event tickets via a QR code scanner or by ticket reference Id.

What happens when event gets postponed

Once event is postponed or resheduled, all subscribed users gets a notification

How will I receive my ticket?

Your tickets are available by email or by in-app

How do I know if the event I paid for is postponed, rescheduled or cancelled?

You will get a notification but be asured that once an event is subscribed to, the vendor can't cancel


How secure is my information?

We have employed the latest and best security techniques to ensure safety on client and payment data on our platform

Who has access to my data?

The orgnizers or promoters of an event you subscribed to, have access to your basic data like name, email and phone number

What data is available to the public?

If you created a personal event only your name will be available to the public. We don't disclose your information to the public.

If the FAQs did not answer any of my queries, Our support team is working 24/7 to ensure you are satisfied.