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What is Kudibar?

Kudibar is eventech’s most intimate virtual hosting and ticketing Arena. We created an arena for everyone to create events and explore events, and most importantly - transform experiences by challenging old methods of “Showmanship”.

Why should I use Kudibar?

Kudibar offers a complete platform that drives revenue for Organizers while providing a robust marketplace for Organizers to host their events, better reach out to a large audience, capture registration, and power greater value with a promising increase in turnover up to 30%. Organizers can get their money effortlessly, seamlessly and in real time.

How many tickets can I buy using kudibar?

By default, you can purchase up to 15 tickets PER EVENT. But this can be changed by the event-ticket Vendor.

Is Kudibar only available in Africa?

No, Kudibar is an immersive digital platform, built in Africa, but available all over the web-connected globe.

I don't see an event I'm interested in?

Kudibar’s event catalog is growing “blast past fast - everyday, but in the meantime, why not try touring our recent series of events on the explore page? You'd be amazed what family of events would catch your fancy!

If you have a suggestion for a show, please contact us. You can also Tweet us @kudibar


How do I verify ticket sales?

All Kudibar event tickets can be verified via a QR code scanner or by ticket reference ID

What type of events does Kudibar offer?

Conferences, musical concerts, galas & live shows, webinars, movie tickets, product launch, Masterclasses, and all virtual meetings.

How can I buy tickets?

Begin by exploring Kudibar to find the events you love to attend. Confirm the convener and the event’s location. Select the number of tickets you’d like to purchase in the category . Buy tickets, and Voilà! You made it to the end.

How will I receive my ticket?

There are multiple ways to receive your ticket. It's easiest to check your email for an order confirmation from Kudibar. Another option is to log in to Kudibar from your browser or in-app and find the order under “Tickets”. If you don’t see your tickets, contact the vendor and ask them to resend your order verification.

How do I know if the event I paid for is postponed, rescheduled or cancelled?

When an event is postponed or rescheduled,you will get a notification via email. But be assured that once an event is subscribed to znd paid for, the vendor can't cancel.

Can I cancel my event?

Yes, if the event has NO sales yet. But the moment you sell any ticket, you CAN'T cancel.

Is Kudibar only available in Africa?

No, Kudibar is an immersive digital platform, built in Africa, but available all over the web-connected globe.


What payment currencies do you accept?

We currently accept the USD and NGN only

How can I confirm my purchase after payment?

For every ticket transaction made, you will get confirmations via email or in-app.

Is there a Kudibar refund policy??



How private is my data?

Privacy is our culture and it runs through our veins. Kudibar is the most immerse private-public event-ticketing and virtual-event hosting platform, built in Africa, raised for the world, and powered by people. Your privacy means everything to us - from personal details to payment details.